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acreage required to support an animal unit for that month. To estimate how much pasture a herd will need, first calculate the total AU of the herd (Step. The animal unit (AU) defines forage intake on the Calculating AUM Requirements of a Beef Cow with Calf under Four Months of Age. Weight of. An AUM is a unit of measure used to quantify forage allowance for grazing animals. In the same way that one ton is a unit of measure comprised of 2, pounds.

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Define Animal unit month. means the amount of forage needed by an animal unit grazing for one month. Animal unit months (AUMs) in a grazing area (calculated by multiplying the number of animal units by the number of months of grazing) provide a useful. An animal unit month (AUM) is based on the age, class and size of livestock, and the amount of forage they will consume in one month. An AUM also is a common.

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AUM means Animal Unit Month and is frequently used to determine sustainable stocking rates for grazing pasture and rangeland in the west. The concept of the “animal unit month” (AUM) is useful to help range and pasture managers calculate suitable stocking rates for pastures under a wide. Animal Type. Animal weight (average in pounds). Number of animals that would equal 8 animal units. Horses (any animals 3 months or older).