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The LMT is a popular variable voltage regulator that is used in power regulation circuits. The output voltage of LM can be adjusted from V to 37V. 25% OFF For New Users! - Buy 3Pcs- LMT LM LM Voltage Regulator IC Linear Voltage Stabilizer Adjustable Voltage Regulator V to 37V A TO 5 amp adjustable voltage regulator available at Jameco Electronics. Find Computer Products, Electromechanical, Electronic Design, Electronic Kits & Projects.

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Voltage regulators are ICs used to generate a stable and consistent voltage within a circuit. They take an input voltage and convert this into a fixed output. Linear regulator with an adjustable voltage range from V to 37V. This regulator can supply A of current making it a great option for power supplies. An adjustable voltage regulator is a regulator that can be adjusted to output any voltage from the range that the voltage regulator is designed to output.

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STMicroelectronics LMT Voltage regulator - linear Positive Adjustable V A TO 3 · Add to shopping list · Print · Email product. The LM is a 10 amp regulator adjustable from 1 25V to. 15V which uses a revolutionary new IC fabrication structure. The LM is an adjustable voltage regulator. It is similar to the fixed voltage regulators used in class except by adding a few resistors the output.