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the condition of the pipeline. Smart pigs can detect corrosion, cracking or other defects in the pipe wall and are used to plan preventive maintenance. To ensure the fitness of our pipelines, we undertake a preventative maintenance dig when our ongoing monitoring and inspection program alerts us to pipeline. SDG&E Gas Pipeline Maintenance - Update. Summary. Southern California Gas Company has notified the California ISO that the San Diego Gas and Electric.

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Pipelines Maintenance Centre (PMC) is the leading authority in the UK on emergency and planned solutions in the field of pipelines repair, maintenance. Non-destructive for natural gas pipelines. Testing includes x-ray and PE fusion radiology, ultrasound thickness, liquid penetrant testing. One of the most crucial functions of the oil and gas companies is to have an appropriate and reliable pipeline for transporting oil over far areas. Pipelines.

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How are oil pipelines inspected and maintained? Typical Pipeline Vulnerabilities. Pipeline failures are often the result of corrosion, equipment failure. A pipeline maintenance team is established to preserve the health and safety of both the public and the environment. Inspect, maintain, and operate facilities including pipelines, valves, filters, pumps, gas compressors, storage tanks, and pump station equipment in a reliable.