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Calories 8% DV; Protein g 9% DV; Carbs 37g 12% DV; Fat g 0% DV; Fiber g 14% DV; Sugar 2g 4% DV. Where do the calories come from? Calories.

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Dec 21,  · Use Greek yogurt instead of sour cream on baked potatoes. Serve baked potatoes with salsa or broccoli and sprinkle about 1 ounce of shredded cheese on top. Make oven-baked "fries" or low-calorie potato skins. Make mashed potatoes with low-fat sour cream, nonfat milk, and chives. Add potato slices (with skins) to soups and stews.

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Aug 12,  · Perhaps you have seen this classic baked potato in the steakhouse for years and you may have wondered for a long time how to prepare this famous side dish. It is very easy to do. Pour the vegetable oil into a small dish and dip a paper towel into the oil. Calories: kcal. Author: Stephanie Manley. Ingredients.