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Direct Fired Absorption Chillers by Shuangliang Eco-Energy. “THE RETURN OF THE ABSORBER” Program Guarantees a minimum of 20% Internal Rate of Return (IRR). The basic operation cycle of the single effect vapor absorption chiller. Driving heat source. Refrigerant vapor. Condenser. Generator. Direct Fired Vapor. In a direct-fired absorption chiller, gas or oil is used in place of electricity as the driven source. This is contrasted with compression chiller which.


HITACHI DIRECT-FIRED ABSORPTION CHILLER-HEATER EXH/EXS SERIES. Hitachi has led the development of the chiller industry for over 50 years internationally and. YHAU-CG Direct Fired Chiller/Heaters Driven by direct firing of natural gas or light oil using de-ionized water as the refrigerant. These units are. The direct fired system is similar to the Single Lift Hot water series except that instead of using hot water to regenerate the absorption solution, the.

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Hot water-type Libr absorption chiller is a hot water-powered refrigeration unit. It adpots the aqueous solution of lithium bromide(Libr) as a cycling. List of Direct-Fired Absorption Chiller Products sorted in related equipment and devices in Linquip | Largest Industry Directory Platform. 16DN/DNH. Double-Effect Direct-Fired Absorption Liquid Chiller. Cooling capacity: ~5, kW. Heating capacity: ~5, kW.