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Want to get your DC jack socket port repaired? WeReach Infotech provides you with the best laptop DC power jack repair and replacement services in Bangalore. Even though laptop jack repair is a tough process that requires time, some computer stores will try to replace your whole motherboard for hundreds of euros. If the power jack of the laptop is damaged or its pins are damaged, you can fix it by replacing it with the new power jack. But if you are traveling or going to.

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For your laptop to properly connect to power, this piece (the power jack) would need to be repaired, or replaced. Most manufacturers would consider this a. Laptop Power Jack Repair · Diagnose the cause of the issue; sometimes it's the AC adapter · Provide you with a price quote for parts and labor · Disassemble the. The Laptop Headphone jack may be called an Audio Jack or Audio connector. We repair Headphone jacks for the following laptop brands: Typical laptop headphone.

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We have been repairing DC jacks on laptops for over ten years. We strive for excellent customer service and technical expertise, which is how we've earned an A+. a broken dc power jack does not mean you should buy new laptop computer. we provide a cost-effective laptop dc power jack repair or replacement service in. If you are in need of repairs for your laptops DC jack you have come to the right place. We can repair any make or model laptop or mobile phone and most.