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Autumn Data-driven Global Leadership. Data and information have become key drivers of power and opportunity in the global economy. This fall, we will take. This program prepares business leaders to build a winning global organization that can sustain a competitive advantage around the world. MASTER OF SCIENCE · Accelerated course, month, full-time cohort program. · Focuses on global leadership that emphasizes emotional intelligence.

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CKGSB Americas is a leading global business school widely recognized for its success in preparing business leaders for doing business in China and Asia. Our curriculum teaches students the advanced skills they need to drive diverse companies toward success. View the Master's in Global Leadership curriculum. Summary. As business becomes increasingly global, companies need capable leaders with a unique mix of global business knowledge and personal leadership.

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All this helps multinational companies compete in the current business environment. But managers who actually lead global teams are up against stiff. global immersion, and the Global Leadership Program builds on the deep personal relationships we've developed with international business leaders. What is the GIA Global Leadership Program? Developed by the Harvard Business School (HBS), the program focuses on new research and best practices to deliver.