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Sep 25, - Unconscious biases influence our actions every day, even when—by definition—we don't notice them. Help your employees better understand these. Understanding Bias: This episode explores the concept of workplace bias — both conscious and unconscious — and how hidden biases can interfere with decisions at. unconscious bias “toolkit” we created as a result. ​Finally, don't forget that these types of meetings can be valuable training exercises and as such.

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Personal measurements might include the Implicit Association Test from Harvard's “Project Implicit.” It is a simple online exercise that measures associations. Led by these priorities, our diversity consultants will incorporate a range of unconscious bias training activities into your course, including. do unconscious bias training, especially if you are a manager. - push for better gender balanced representation. - use inclusive language. If this exercise.

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unconscious bias and the neuroscience behind it. Examining our individual biases and how to adjust them. This will involve syndicate exercises asking. Receive hours of training (minimum 2 hours) · Conduct hand-written exercises · Hear a training session tailored and designed for your company, team, or. Royal Society explaining unconscious bias or this one called Inspiring the Future which was also a suggested resource for classroom activity in the previous.